Most popular variants of online video poker

popular variants of online video poker

Video poker appeared in the 1980s, and is one of the most popular betting games of its generation. At present, it maintains its reputation within online casinos and holds the podium as the most frequently played casino game. There are many variations of online video poker to entertain or win money. Find out here about the best video poker variants available on the best gambling sites.

The origin of video poker games

Dale Electronics invented the first video poker machine in 1970. The game was called “Poker Matic” and was played everywhere in Las Vegas casinos at that time. Despite a rather cold reception from the players at the time, Poker Matic produced all the exciting variations that you enjoy today.

In the same decade, Bally’s Gaming launched a game called “Video Poker” which increased its popularity in no time at all. Video poker has gradually grown to become one of the most popular casino games around the world. In the 1980s, when the first online casinos began to emerge, video poker was one of the games offered on these sites.

Video poker offers several variants, each with its own rules and regulations and therefore a specific strategy. For example, when you play Deuces Wild, you can get up to 500 times the bet of 2, whether you like the classic games or the other variants on offer, below are the most exciting and significant.

Most common variation : Jacks or Better

The Jack or Better video poker game is the most popular poker variant for all players. In fact, it is considered the original of video poker. This variant of the game is also called Draw Poker, and even the smallest elements are the easiest to play. Therefore, we recommend beginners of video poker to choose this game.

Common variant in French casinos: Joker Poker

Depending on the software provider and the casino, the name Joker Poker is also different. French casinos offer it under the name “Joker Poker” or “Joker Wild”. In classic video poker, there are 52 standard card games. In the game of Joker Poker, 53 cards are used since there is a Joker card in the shoe. The card is essentially a replacement card. It can replace any other card and gives you the best possible hand.

Highest paid variant online video poker: Deuces Wild

As in Joker Poker, the Deuces Wild game also includes “Joker Cards”. However, as there are only 2 cards to play as a joker, only 52 cards can be used to play. Because these joker cards are important in the game of video poker, their combination can bring a huge payout.

Similar variant to classic video poker: Tens or Better

In a “Tens or Better” video poker game, the standard video poker rules will apply. All you have to do is form 5 winning medals to win. However, this game makes it easier for you to form winning combinations, as you must form at least one pair of 10. In the original game, the lowest winning hand is a pair of jacks or better. With the addition of “Tens or Better”, players have more chances to win.

Legendary Variation: Aces and eights

Are you aware of the story of the dead man’s hand? Legend has it that a famous player was murdered while playing with a deck of a pair of Aces, two 8 cards and another card of unknown value. Therefore, in the Aces and Eights video poker game, the 8 cards and Aces are very valuable.