Video poker: hand rankings

Hand ranking is at the heart of the rules of the game for Video Poker. Each participant should know the different possible combinations with their 5 cards. There are different formulas with the highest card being the winner of the game. Below are some of them.

The extremely rare Royal Flush Straight in Video Poker

The highest hand in Video Poker, the Royal Flush Straight consists of the game’s top 5 tricks. It includes the Ace, King (K), Queen (Q), Jack (J) and a “10”. All should be the same color. There are variants for the Caribbean versions with jackpot for example. You will get 100 times your bet if you make this combination. In any case, the probability of getting it would be 1 in 650,000. This is extremely rare, but it does happen from time to time. The luckiest ones manage to make a winning line from 3 good bases. Much more common, Straight Flush maintains the descending order. The only difference would be the absence of major tricks such as the K. In all cases, the player bets 20 on payout.

Video poker hand rankings Squares and Colors

As its name suggests, the square consists of 4 cards of the same value. The combination can for example include the 4 Queens. Since 5 pieces are needed, the last one is different, but it doesn’t matter. In fact, the winning quarter already pays 10 times the bet to Video Poker. That said, the Ace square deserves special attention. It’s as high paid as the Royal Flush Straight. It’s very rare to find two players pitting two hands against each other at the same real poker table. Sometimes, one person gets 5 cards with identical suits. This draw is already worth double the original bet, regardless of the order. As such, Straight or Straight in Shakespeare’s language is a Straight Flush in which the suits are not held. It can be paid for at certain establishments which remain free in their mode of operation.

Succeed in the Full and the Brelan

A hand is called Full House if it consists of 3 cards of the same rank. Symbols do not count in this combination. In any case, it wins triple the wager. It is also called a Pair and Three of a Kind. These are two other formulas in poker that have their respective payouts. The first is called a “Pair” and is made up of two coins of the same value. It is possible to have two pairs among the 5 cards dealt. The method of reward remains the same. In fact, you always win a 1/1 bet. The other combination of the Three of a Kind consists of a triple. If you have this type of hand, your bet will be returned. As an example, you have 3 Kings and a “7”. Hopefully you will get a fourth “k” and form a square in the next draw.

Other possible Video poker hand rankings include

The High card describes a combination that does not correspond to the ones initially mentioned. In this case, you can still get something out of it. You will be able to get your bet back. In some situations, the High card might play an exceptional role. In particular, it should be considered a Wild. It is simply a Joker that replaces any other card. This rule has different variations. Some machines don’t either. Sometimes, the presence of this Wild Card makes it possible to formulate a Straight Flush, a Four of a Kind or any winning hand. The payline also changes depending on the deal.