Deuces wild poker: what you need to know

A new star in the poker world, deuces wild is a fairly easy to play variant. The rules are simple and clear. That said, it’s a good way to have fun while having a chance to win. You still need to know the rules and how the game works to be able to enjoy it.

The basics

As mentioned, deuces wild is a variant of poker that works with the same rules as 5 card-draw. Only, you have 2 cards that are wild cards throughout the game. That said, these wild cards can replace any card. This makes for a winning hand. Remember that there are a dozen variations of the poker game. Deuces wild is available at almost all online casinos.

It is important to note that the basic rules are almost the same with all poker variants. This is good because it allows you to play all variants without having to learn any new rules. Usually, the game starts with the definition of the bet. You can bet 5 chips per hand. In addition, you can also choose the denomination of the chips. To start the game, simply click on “deal” and the spin begins.

Wild poker deuces specifics

In a simplified way, it is a matter of forming a winning hand with the combination of cards. There are 5 cards, which the player has the choice to keep or replace in order to find the winning hand. The highest paying winning hand is the natural Royal Flush. However, with cards of the same kind, this payout can be increased. Especially with three, four, and even five cards of the same kind.

As far as bonuses are concerned, this is one of the advantages of the majority of online casinos. Indeed, the player is encouraged from the moment of registration with a welcome bonus. Others offer progressive jackpots and bonus rounds. That said, it depends on the platform chosen. Some even have the “double or nothing” offer. This happens every time you win a hand. In any case, as long as you get to the right site, the bonuses can be a real asset.

Some tips

As in all other variations of poker, there are some strategies that it is wise to know about in wild deuces. This increases the chance of winning or at least decreases the chances of losing money. Start by always holding the cards that make up a winning hand. This is especially true if the remaining card is the 2. This is the must in poker.

At best, with two 2 cards, it is recommended to form a royal flush. Forming a flush is also interesting. In other words, keep the cards that form the beginning of a royal flush. This is better than a flush or a correct straight. This doesn’t mean keeping those cards even if the game doesn’t look good. Don’t hesitate to change all the cards if you have to. Especially if you have a bad deck.

Finally, with a pair, you can keep the cards and try to form a three of a kind, a full house or a four of a kind. However, it should be noted that a pair going alone is worth almost nothing. All in all, wild deuces is first and foremost a poker game. Therefore, it is important to know the basic rules of poker and pay attention to other details. Namely the psychology of the game. It is known that poker is also called the game of bluf.